Are you becoming stronger in your body and mind?

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Most of us are obsessed with the vast street-like influence of Crossfit gurus, and Barbell routines. “Strong is the new pretty” no doubt about it, but what is this obsession with becoming “strong” is? No one describes it more precisely than the expanded list of synonyms of “possessing the desired attribute” by Kate Parker in her book “Strong is the new pretty” published early this year — “confidence, wildness, resilience, creativity, determination, kindness, fearlessness, joyfulness and independence.” We are becoming stronger not only in our bodies but our minds; women are stepping up bold out there in the world to make a stamp, to leave a legacy, this is the influence we are seeing right now. Isn’t this all of us woman of any color?. Barbell apparel captured the street-like trend when their Athletic Fit Jeans launched on Kickstarter just few year ago, growing their campaign past their expectations, becoming the 2nd most funded fashion project of all times “sparking a change across the fashion industry to bring ‘Athletic Fit’ mainstream.” Impressive enough they didn’t stop there, since August of this year they offer their Performance line for Women and men, where I and my team at, have worked in collaboration with Barbell team to develop it and produce it.


I love to design and develop products that have some sort of it’s own unique functionality or a very particular concept. If you’ve ever thought about developing your own collection and/or product, I would be more than happy to help. I will walk you through the entire product development process, and my services will include apparel technical design, pattern making, sample making, gradings, tech packs and all that you need to start your own line. I have extensive fabric knowledge to help you make the best choices for your pieces and I will help you determine if your project fits USA production or overseas production. Go ahead and email me with your project or comment on this post.

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